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Why us


  • On site measurement
  • In house end to end manufacturing
  • Delivery of products at your door step
  • Installation by trained professionals
  • Customized solutions designed based on client and site requirements
  • Post Sales Service


  • Keeps out Noise, Rain, Dust & Pollution
  • No rattling under strong winds
  • Reduces cooling cost
  • Long life with minimal maintainance
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fits the most modern decor system
  • Multiple hardware options


  • Pioneers of uPVC window manufacturing in India, established in 2006
  • Team of qualified technicians ensure high standards of quality
  • Fully integrated processes from inquiry to installation to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Established supply chain

Salient Features

Sound Insulation

Trendy Window uPVC systems utilize a multi-chambered profile design with double seal technology that ensures inherent insulation against sound infiltration. Installed with appropriate glazing and hardware, excellent levels of sound reduction are possible assisting effectively in the desire to protect against noise pollution.

Strong & Secure

Trendy Window uPVC systems have been engineered to allow the use of secure hardware fittings and locking devices which along with the metal reinforcement provide the highest security against intrusion thereby giving peace of mind. Our systems are naturally flame retardant and decrease the fire load of a building. Being non-combusting, They donot cause, support or inflame a fire.

Wind Load

Trendy Window uPVC systems can with stand storms with high wind pressure. This benefit has been appreciated in modern architecture where windows are being required for installations in high rise buildings. Design flexibility is a hidden strength of our systems.

Sensibly Green

Trendy Window uPVC systems are a superior option to wood and aluminium. Positive insulation reduces the carbon foot print of the building. Being a substitute of wood, it helps the environment by reducing deforestation. They are 100% recyclable thus increasing the environment sustainability.

UV Resistant

Trendy Window uPVC systems are capable of protecting from high UV index. The entire process from raw material selection to advanced extruding is formulated to attain highest quality of profiles capable to resist UV radiations which are generally high in the Indian sub continent.