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SL73 Sliding Door System(3 Track)

Suitable for in residential developments e.g. commercial buildings, factories, schools, hospitals and hotels; Provides as alternative to conventional casement systems. The system's compliance to various performance specific criteria makes it an idea first choice in current construction market.

3 Track Sliding Doors - Inside View

Product Features

  • Main profile wall thickness of > 2.5mm is fully compliant to technical specification as set forth in European standard, EN 12608. - Class B
  • The multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • System is capable of accepting a wide variety of single or double glaze units by choosing different sized glazing bead from the VEKA range.
  • Profile section and thickness are designed to minimize wastage and reduce window cost.
  • Door Construction with up to 6 Sashes are possible, opening area 2/3 of the door.
3 Track Sliding Doors - Outside View

Colors and Patterns

Dark Oak

Light Oak